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Born to missionary parents (Dorothy Jason and the late Rev. Gerald Khoo), Joshua grew up both in the church and mission field, giving him the chance to adapt to many different cultures.

After graduating from Bangkok Patana International School with an International Baccalaureate, he returned to Singapore to serve his National Service with the Singapore Armed Forces. God was good to Joshua in the Army and allowed him to be trained in a vocation for skills that would be helpful and beneficial to him after leaving the military.  As a paramedic and army medic, he has been able to take care of himself, family and others while out in the field.

Although accepted to do a degree in psychology, God had other plans for Joshua and through a series of divine interventions and encounters, directed him to enter Trinity Theological College.

Graduating from Trinity with a Bachelors in Divinity, Joshua then spent the next 6 years as a pastor in the youth pastoral team of Church of Our Saviour.  He was blessed to be under the leadership of Rev. Derek Hong, who imparted and invested into the youth team, giving them numerous opportunities to learn from various renown minister and sent them to the other side of the world to learn and experience new and different moves of the Lord.

In 2010, the Lord reminded Joshua of a calling that He had placed on his heart when he was 17.  Joshua was meant to eventually come back to minister in Thailand, the country where he had been born and grew up in.  After much prayer and seeking, Joshua decided to move back to Thailand with his family to serve the Lord.

He is delighted and honored to be married to Sharon, his Singapore-Chinese wife of more than 17 years (and counting!). They have 2 daughters, Shannon Hope and Valerie Faith.  You can often find them experimenting with cooking and baking, among other things.
Joshua is an avid fan of many sports and prays constantly that Manchester United will have a revival, both on and off the field.

The Khoo Family currently reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand; where they are primarily based in The Acts Church of Chiang Mai. Joshua is also an ordained minister

We run as independent missionaries.  This gives us the freedom to hear the voice of God and run where the Holy Spirit tells us to go and help who needs or asks for help, regardless of denomination.

However, this also means that we have to raise nearly all our financial support ourselves.

If you are interested to support the Khoo Family's ministry financially, please click here.

Rev. Sharon Khoo


Born and raised in Singapore for 26 years of my life, I am an INFJ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Type 2 on the Enneagram, and a Singaporean at heart, with all my love for SG food & Singlish mannerisms intact (Mee Siam, Chilli Crab & our local durians are shiok to me).


I am a true believer of Jesus Christ, and a BIG fan of Heaven (aka Eternal Paradise, hello!).

Having lived in Thailand, Chiangmai, for the past 12 years with my present family, I have become multi-cultured and multilingual (English, Singlish, Mandarin & Thai). Or, ‘Rojak’ (mixed-up), as my homeland folks in Singapore would coin it. 

 I'm also the author of 'Hope in Despair’, my memoir about overcoming abuse, complex trauma & Depression, with faith. I pray that this story will encourage and empower other young girls and lives out there looking for light & hope in their darkness.

You can find out more about my book here.

Besides serving with my hubby for the past 14 years in our local Thai church - Young Professional Cell group, Family Life & Counseling Ministry - I am also a Pastoral Counselor as well as ordained minister.

I'm most grateful and happy though, to be a wife to Josh, and mom to our 2 beautiful daughters, Shannon and Valerie. Oh.. we also have 2 cats, that I am allergic to (hooray to me not doing kitty litter!).

Finally, my bottomline chosen passion in life, is truly to be a friend and neighbor who loves others as I love myself. Especially to those who are hurting & seek healing in this world.

God bless you and if you know of someone who is suffering from mental illness (if they are Depressed, or contemplating suicide), feel free to let me know - I’d love to help! 💜

…. Life is Precious & Beautiful, no matter how painful or broken it gets. God bless you!

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