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Pastoral Counseling & Discipleship Ministry, FLM, Worship, Pastoral Care, Discipleship & Equipping.

Joshua and Sharon are primarily based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they serve in The ACTS Church of Chiang Mai. They also been blessed to have ministered in other countries including Australia, Brunei and Cambodia.

In ACTS Church Joshua heads up the Family Life Ministry, mentors ministry leaders and helps look after the worship ministry, as well as ministering to various other ministries in the church and throughout the rest of Thailand as well.  He has been blessed with opportunities to minister in ministries and churches in various parts of Thailand from the Northern hilltribes to Bangkok and to the North-East (Isaan) Region.
Joshua has a heart for pastoral care as well as discipling, equipping and empowering Thais to minister and bless their nation.  He along with his wife also have a passion for seeing the broken made whole through counseling (spiritual AND clinical), deliverance and inner healing.

Sharon is an Author, Guest Speaker and a trained & certified Pastoral Counselor & Trainer, under Living Wholeness (, with several years of experience. 


Services provided include: 

  • Wholistic counseling for depression, grief, trauma & anxiety issues using the Christian Wholeness Framework (an integration of spiritual & clinical therapies)

  • Sandtray Therapy work for kids, teens & adults. 

  • Inner Healing & Deliverance ministry.

Her desire & prayer is to see the younger generation under her care to experience Father God’s healing power that will release them into their full potential & destiny in Christ. She also serves in the Family Life & Young Adults Ministries with her husband.


In partnership with ACTS Church of Chiang Mai, we run the Thai Family Life Ministry.

A ministry that we envision to be a ministry and teaching platform that ushers God’s presence into family life, through sharing Godly and useful tools to Thai families, churches and ministries. Tools that encourage and nurture wholesome, Godly family life, that will bring heaven in the home, strengthen the Church and the Kingdom of God in Thailand.


Among things the ministry does includes:

  • Marriage Seminars and Workshops

  • Parenting Seminars and Workshops

  • Support Groups

  • Online Teachings and Videos (Thai Family Life YouTube Channel)

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