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About 'Por Rak' 

Sharon Khoo, Founder & Pastoral Counselor

'Por Rak' (which translates to 'Plant Healing') Thai Counseling Ministry 

was started in 2023, with the mission to 'heal the brokenhearted, comfort all who mourn & provide for those who grieve, joy,  praise. They will be called oaks of righteousness.' (inspired by Isaiah 61). 

This ministry exists for all Thais and Thailand to be blessed with God's healing & transformative power, regardless of their faith.

And to establish God's presence & kingdom here on earth,

as it is in heaven. 

Sharon is the Founder of Por Rak Counseling Ministry & a certified Pastoral Counselor, under Living Wholeness. 

In her practice, she uses the Christian Wholeness Framework and an integration of spiritual & clinical therapies, to bring God's healing in a wholistic way to those who are hurt and seeking help.

With a special passion to help those suffering from Depression, trauma and suicidal tendencies to overcome and live with Hope, she has been counseling and providing pastoral care in various ways to many in Thailand for over 14 years. 

To make an appointment or for more info, 

please scan the official 'Por Rak' Line QR code in the banner, at the top.  

*Please note that all appointments under Por Rak are for Thais & in Thai language only.

For English, please click here.


Testimonials (in Thai)
How 'Por Rak' has blessed & benefited some lives ...  

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