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Hope in Despair by Sharon Khoo (ENGLISH)

Hope in Despair by Sharon Khoo (ENGLISH)

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Plagued by suicidal tendencies since she was a teenager due to a childhood history of domestic violence and abuse in her family, Hope in Despair tells the true story of Sharon’s overcoming Clinical Depression, CTSD (Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the stigma of it all.


Through her faith in God, love from others and the support of safe counsellors and mental health professionals, find out how she received deep healing for her mind and soul, relationships and self. This powerful and transformative journey of suffering in darkness to living in light, is possible, especially for anyone who has been broken by relational trauma and mental illness.


If you have been depressed and suicidal, the truth is: we are capable of overcoming the darkness and painful past in our lives. There is always light in the darkness, victory for victims, and Hope in Despair.

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